About us

Founded by a group of visionary financial technology payment experts, 1368Dot Payment has grown into a trusted online payment company providing premium payment solutions and expertise to the brightest merchants across Asia Pacific.We started operations as payment gateway provider in Asia. We were founded with the intention of serving the marketing for all industries that embrace E-payments.

Vision – Bridging the gaps between buyers and sellers through e-commerce

Mision – Our mission is to be the payment gateway provider of Asia

Values – Integrity and effectiveness with a strong service attitude

We believe that conquering e-commerce requires a global perspective yet with a deep insight into local cultures and payment ecosystems. We pride ourselves on working closely with our merchants to help them harness the power of e-commerce, and it is through our commitment to innovation and quality that we have become a trusted partner of banks, merchants, credit card associations, online payment gateways, non-banking financial institutions, security and fraud management system providers.